Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Chapter 42: Paul on Couch with Book

Here I am in my cowboy shirt and suspenders again.  The shirt, I'm sure, is a Montana thing.  If we were still living in Washington state or had already moved to Pennsylvania, I don't think such an item would have been found in my wardrobe.  Mom did a fair amount of clothes shopping from the Sears catalog, but, I don't know, this shirt has "local business" written all over it.

Then again......

Perhaps an alternative approach to this post is to note that the Disney production of Davy Crockett:  King of the Wild Frontier, debuted on TV in December 1954.  A year later, more than $300,000,000 worth of Crockett merchandise had been sold.  I don't think, however, that the shirt I'm wearing in this photo falls into the frontiersman category.  Davy wouldn't have been caught dead in such a thing and, moreover, he would probably have kicked Roy Rogers butt, just for fun, given the chance.

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